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Scientific Library is the main structural subdivision of the Academy of Physical Culture and Mass Sports, which provides literature and information for the educational process and research.

Primary objectives

  • To form library and information resources by expanding interaction with the Academy’s departments and research units. Ensure the development of the library as a resource center, ensuring that researchers, faculty and students receive the information they need.
  • To create and offer state-of-the-art information products and services that support research and teaching at every stage; ensure that all scientific library resources, including Academy publications, are available.
  • To promote the development of information culture and improve the research competencies of students and teachers.
  • To be open to innovation. Provide leadership in library services and technology.
  • To create a comfortable environment for independent research and educational activities, intellectual communication and knowledge exchange, as well as for professional and personal fulfillment of library staff.


Springer is one of the world’s largest publishers of scientific content in various formats. Electronic products of the publisher include journals (over 2,000), books (over 170,000), abstract-bibliographic and factual databases. All journals of the publisher are peer-reviewed and have a high scientific reputation. Most of the company’s journals are represented in JournalCitationReports, and according to 2013 data, 56 journals have increased their impact factors, and 87% of journals have increased their citation rates, which is an indicator of the quality and international prestige of these information resources.

Thomson Reuters is a leader in the global information market. Industry expertise and innovative technology, combined with the resources of this international information agency, provide information for scientists in various fields of science and technology, education, health care, art and culture.
Content of the resource: more than 12,000 peer-reviewed ranked journals published worldwide, information on 23,000,000 patents, 110,000 scientific conference proceedings, the ability to search for research journals and publications with a high impact factor in the world with a depth of archive since 1975, using the function Citation Report in Web of Science, which provide instant analysis of citations to authors around the world, including Kazakhstan.

Scopus is the largest database containing abstracts and citation information on peer-reviewed literature with built-in bibliometric mechanisms for tracking, analyzing, and visualizing data. The database contains more than 21,900 titles from 5,000 international publishers, in the basic sciences, social sciences, humanities, engineering, medicine, and the arts. Scopus contains 54 million records since 1823, 84% of which contain references to publications from 1996 onwards.

Human Kinetics
The HumanKinetics library is designed to increase the knowledge, performance and health and fitness of all people around the world with authoritative information about physical activity and sports. The platform is a growing collection of cross-searchable e-books and videos from the world’s leading educational publisher on fitness, exercise, training and sport.

Open University of Kazakhstan
“Open University of Kazakhstan” is an educational platform offering free access to online courses from the country’s leading universities and professors for everyone without restrictions. The aim of the project is to increase the intellectual level of the country’s population by providing quality free online courses. To make online education accessible to everyone through digital technology. The initiator of the project is the “Ulttyk audarma byurosy”, a non-governmental and non-profit foundation established in 2017 to implement the project “New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 New Textbooks in the Kazakh Language”. As part of the project, the best textbooks from the world’s leading universities on history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, anthropology, cultural studies, religious studies, linguistics, innovation, media, economics, management and business are translated into Kazakh.
Kazakhstan National Electronic Library
Project of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Formation of electronic state library collection” “History of Kazakhstan” portal
The official web portal. The site was created for those who are interested in this area of knowledge and want to know more about the history of the formation of our country, as well as for teachers, schoolchildren, university students, colleges, researchers, young professionals. It contains a lot of useful and interesting information about the history of Kazakhstan. – “Adebiet” portal
"Adebiet Portal" is a world of literature. Read. Listen. Participate. Be together! An online library with the works of Kazakhstani authors. The purpose of this Internet portal is popularization of Kazakh culture and Kazakh language abroad, increasing the interest to Kazakh literature. Electronic publications on the site are available in different languages.
 A unified collection of digital educational resources 
The unified collection of digital educational resources for institutions of general and initial vocational education contains educational, cultural, educational and informative materials, a variety of thematic and subject-specific collections, innovative educational and methodological developments that motivate the use of educational technology.
 Psychology – Psychological educational website contains useful information (tests, trainings, books, dictionaries, works of famous scientists in psychology, psychology news links) for anyone who receives a psychological education, is interested in psychology or deals with it professionally.
  National electronic library
The goal is to collect and make available electronic documents that contribute to the preservation and development of national science and culture. At present the NEB project is supported by three participants: the Russian State Library, the Russian National Library and the State Public Science and Technical Library of Russia. This portal is the single point of access to the full-text electronic collections of the participating libraries. A large collection of full-text books and articles on pedagogy, speech therapy, psychology, defectology, education management.
Collection of books - 
A collection of books on the social sciences and humanities: history, cultural studies, philosophy, political science, literature, linguistics, journalism, psychology, pedagogy, law, economics, etc.
 A collection of books on literature 
The collection contains scanned editions from 1848-2014, placed in the sections: "Theory of Literature", "Russian Literature", "Literature of the Peoples of Russia and the CIS", "Foreign Literature", "Folklore Studies", "Institute of World Literature Periodicals", "Indexes and Directories". The publications are available for viewing and downloading to anyone. – “Legendary Books” by Youright Collection
The collection includes books of yesteryear: textbooks, classic scholarly works, and translations.  In the series "Reading in the original" you can see in different languages unadapted original texts of classics of science, world literature, as well as English originals of such documents as the Lisbon Treaty, the UN Charter, etc. - DART-Europe
Harvard University Open Electronic Archive: more than 13,000 different types of scholarly papers (theses, books, articles, student papers on economics, law, medical sciences, pedagogy, etc.).
 – Modern Scientific Press
Open access collection of journals in all fields of science. – SpringerOpen
Springer journals in the public domain - DOAJournals
A search service that provides open access to materials and indexes not only journal titles, but also articles from various fields of science. - Taylor&FrancisGroup
An international book publisher whose database contains scientific journals in various disciplines whose articles are in the public domain.

Monday – Friday – 9.00 – 18.00
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Day off - Saturday, Sunday  
Last Friday of the month – cleaning day

Address: Kazakhstan, Astana city, EXPO, Mangilik Yel Street, 
Block С4.5, office 209
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Users’ rights:

  1. Free use of the main types of library and information services provided by the library;
  2. To receive temporary use of books and other sources of information;
  3. To receive full information about the composition of the library collection, services and activities through the electronic catalog databases, the library website and other types of information;
  4. To study on and use the library’s own computers, tablets, and other portable devices;
  5. To gain access to open information resources of the Internet and electronic resources, access to which is paid by the academy, to find the necessary information and save the found information on a flash drive;
  6. To receive consulting assistance in finding and selecting sources of information;
  7. To extend the term of use of literature in the prescribed manner;
  8. To take part in cultural and educational events organized by the scientific library;
  9. To organize reading associations and participate in the work of hobby groups and clubs;
  10. To participate in the development of joint projects;
  11. To be a member of the Public Councils of the Scientific Library;
  12. To take part in sociological studies of the library to study the quality of services provided, to make suggestions for improving the quality of service and user satisfaction.

Users’ responsibilities

  1. To comply with these Rules of Use of the Scientific Library;
  2. To fill out the Literature Demand Sheet;
  3. To return received publications in due time, to extend the use of books in a timely manner;
  4. To treat books, other printed works, other library materials and library property with care;
  5. When working with Internet resources and full-text electronic resources readers must comply with international law on intellectual property and copyright, as well as the Law of RK dated June 10, 1996 № 6-I "On Copyright and Related Rights;
  6. When receiving books, other works of print and other materials from the Scientific Library, readers should review them carefully. If any defects are found, the librarian should be informed. Otherwise, the user who last used the book is responsible for the damage;
  7. To surrender outerwear to the checkroom, bags and backpacks should be left in the cells of the luggage room;
  8. To observe the silence in the halls, turn off phones or switch it to silent mode;
  9. To observe the cleanliness of the premises of the Scientific Library, do not bring in the reading room food and drink;
  10. To be polite and friendly to readers and library staff;
  11. At dismissal, expulsion, transfer to another educational institution and graduation from the Academy to liquidate the reader’s debt, in the presence of violations of the Rules of use - to pay the accrued fines, compensate the damage caused to the Scientific Library and submit the bypass list.

Users are not permitted:

  1. To leave personal belongings unattended. The library administration and staff are not responsible for personal belongings left unattended;
  2. To enter without permission the service rooms, the auxiliary funds of the Scientific Library;
  3. To make photos and video recordings of the premises and materials of the library. Pictures and videos may be taken only with the permission of the administration of the library.
  4. To enter the Science Library with cutting tools, glue, briefcases, bags, backpacks, and other belongings and food items;
  5. To take out books and other publications, as well as equipment and other library property;
  6. To hang advertisements, posters and other advertising and commercial materials in the library without the permission of the library administration.


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