Additional Specialization: Minors
Sports management

Module Description

Sports management includes business activities such as planning, organization, management, control, budgeting and evaluation in a context related to various types of professional sports and physical activity. Sports management develops the necessary skills to manage a sports team or the business side of a sports club in order to generate income. Among their future responsibilities, students should expect to gain the professional experience necessary to lead and promote sports organizations, manage arenas and stadiums, and organize recreational sports events.

Sports management covers such sections as: sports facilities management, selection of athletes, sports management, leadership and personnel management, sports marketing, sponsorship and sales.

Formed key competencies

1. Management of sports events: the ability to organize and manage sports events of various sizes, including planning, coordination, marketing and financial aspects.

2. Management of sports organizations: the ability to manage sports organizations and clubs, including strategy development, organizational structure, budgeting, planning and control.

3. Sports Marketing: Understanding the mechanics of sports marketing, including developing marketing strategies, brand management, promotion and communication.

4. Financial management in sports: understanding of the main financial indicators in the sports business, the ability to analyze and plan financial flows, as well as manage the budget of a sports organization.

5. Personnel management in sports: the ability to form and manage teams in sports organizations, including recruitment, training, motivation and performance evaluation.

6. Legal Aspects of the Sports Business: Understanding the legal aspects associated with the organization of sports events and the management of sports organizations, including laws, rules and regulations.

7. Sports Analytics: the ability to analyze data and use it to make decisions in the sports business, including the analysis of data on the audience, sports performance and financial performance.

These competencies can help students of the "Sports Management" major to become qualified specialists in the sports industry and make effective decisions in the management of sports organizations and events.

Disciplines within the module

Sports management and marketing – 5 credits

Personal Growth Management and leadership – 5 credits

The name of the EP within which minor is implemented

Available for all educational programs

Language of instruction: Kazakh, Russian, English
Number of listeners: (min) 15; (max): 120
Prerequisites: not required